DE BIASI GROUP is characterized for the consolida- ted presence in the field of public works, as well as in the private, even of considerable size, which allowed acquire and develop specifications skills in all fields of the construction of the road works to those of the hydraulic, of environmental engineering, the environment and the civil construction and industrial.

In the last decade the company has increased its potential by increasing its specific experience in the fields operational, giving life to a structure organized managerial character in which the client may find a contact person able to organize, implement and manage a wide variety of design proposals. The infrastructure represent the most diverse sectors of the building industry, bringing together works by itself quite different characteristics, such as areas of intervention, roads, waterworks, etc.
The DE BIASI GROUP has been able to expand their experience about various interventions operating across the infrastructure Apulia and Lucania territory.

To achieve such diverse works by nature kind of materials and implementing technologies, are needed details organizational skills, not only at a technical level, but also administrative management and that which the company prides itself as among the own resources.

Categories of Work

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